Family Finance Solutions


Alison can get involved in any aspect of your family law matter as it relates to your finances and become involved at any time, although often she is involved early in the process.  She may be your first point of contact before you have engaged lawyers or added as part of your professional team once lawyers are retained.

For more details, contact Alison to arrange a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation.

Some of the areas where Alison can provide her services include:

Financial Disclosure

The financial statement sets out the after-tax value of all your assets and debts and will serve as the foundation for negotiating your property division.  Using the same legal forms as your lawyer, Alison will prepare the statements and make sure that everyone completely understands the information.

Child and Spousal Support

Using proprietary software to illustrate various support options, Alison will work to optimize opportunities that provide more net disposable income in each home. She can provide a customized approach to income sharing when income streams involve variable compensation and she can help determine what income is considered for support calculations.

Children's Expenses

Identify and provide options for managing and sharing of children’s extraordinary, extracurricular, and day-to-day expenses.

Identify Cash Flow Needs

Help identify future lifestyle spending needs to assess your settlement options and plan accordingly.

Present & Explore Settlement Options

Providing ideas and support in generating and assessing settlement options, and helping to explore the what-ifs.

Identify Access to Cash

Identifying opportunities to access additional cash resources as soon as possible to help address the additional cost of setting up and running two households.

Transitional Support

Providing support in implementing the separation agreements making sure all paperwork is completed as required by CRA.

Early Neutral Information Sessions

This service allows those at the beginning of the separation process to have a better understanding of what’s ahead and be able to take control of their process. For more details about this service click here.

“In times of challenge and complexity, Alison brings clarity. There isn’t even the slightest of details or figures that ever escapes her phenomenal memory (even well after a file is closed) nor a problem that doesn’t meet with a cheery, contagious, ‘can do’ attitude. Alison has intricate knowledge of every financial possibility, loophole, and detail and somehow she manages to explain all of these in a way that makes them exceedingly simple to grasp. I highly recommend Alison to anyone facing major life decisions that involve creative financial solutions.”

—S.B.D., Divorce Client

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Alison offers a free 30-minute consultation

Certified Financial Planner

Alison has the knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to examine her clients’ entire financial picture, at the highest level of complexity required of the profession.

Financial Divorce Specialist

As a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, Alison has a focused financial expertise in the areas of cohabitation, separation and divorce.